Buff Buff Ass 'N Abs Classes
Full Munchie Mentoring
with Minky NJCFN, HRP


These small group classes are offered for a minimal cost to communities where mid-aged women  are concerned about pre-diabetes/diabetes risk and losing independence from muscle weakness and waist girth.

Minky offers private and small group training session in private locations.

These exercises, I demonstrate, are targeted to get the most "sugar burn" for your buck. 
I suggest "how" to exercise and "when" to exercise to burn the most sugar. 
The FULL Munchie mentoring is part of your classes and diabetes never plan!

Monthly packages only.

Don't worry cannabis virgins, I'll be gentle.

AND guess what?
We NEVER exercise to lose weight!
We exercise for other reasons that are more rewarding and lasting... to keep our waist small and to eat more.

No continuous pounding. Just
posing, sugar-burning, flexing,  stretching, breathing... ahhh.
Flat belly for ever!
Burn that sugar!!!

More details to come to get on my waiting and notification list please send your name and email to Minky at KineCannEdiFast.club with "sugar burner" in the subject line.

You decide...