Welcome You SUGAR BURNER You!
This is where you learn about Minky's Edibles Suggestions & Exercises and GET COMFORTABLE with cannabis for your health.

At one of our Sugar Burner Retreats will receive examples of:

My Edibles* are: Minky's Cookies, Minky's Marzipan (gluten-free), Chocolate Covered Bacon & Caesar Salad Dressing. They are made a little differently than traditional edibles and serve a specific purpose. We do NOT engage in cannabis "meals". We use edibles (and some toking, if preferred), like medicine. There are certain times, how you administer your cannabis into your body, and the strain about the edible, is what we focus on.

*{If you decide you want to par-take in Minky's "Diabetes Never" message, 
live this lifestyle and become a private "Sugar Burner", you'll choose and eat these products as suggested in Minky's private program.}

Also Minky's special "fasted" bed exercises for burning sugar morning and night are demonstrated at our Sugar Burner Retreats.
{It's NOT the horizontal mambo!}

( I can assist you with your NJ Medical Marijuana {MMJ} card)


Advantages to a getting a medical marijuana (MMJ) card in NJ.:

  • You can and will feel better saying you have a medical card, if questioned by your judgmental "friends" and/or family.

  • It's cheaper. There is no sales tax for medical patients. There's also all kinds of senior, veteran, caregiver discounts.

  • Get better choices of available products. Also designated times just for medical shopping for more discretion.

  • Or don't bother. Cannabis is legal over age 21 in NJ. But, I like the discounts and have fallen for the BEAUTIFUL, FRIENDLY dispensary/store I visit.

What is a Sugar Burner?
You must burn sugar to stop making fat.
WHAT?!  I KNOW. What's this shit?
My wish is that you will have an open mind about what is next:

If you have fatty liver (non-alcoholic), your making of body fat is independent of your calorie intake. 

You're just too sweet BEFORE you put anything into your mouth and your body keeps making insulin because of it. Regardless of your calorie intake you will get fatter!
Your high levels of insulin will not let you lose weight for very long, if at all.
You will always gain your weight back because of a high set-point of weight that your body was used to.
Insulin sets the high set point of weight.
Homeostasis is key.
When you try to fight this you will lose every time.
You're sweet enough! Burn that sugar!

^So during these private classes, discreet retreats, I teach you through demonstration and suggestion - (partaking in cannabis/THC is dependent upon the facility, I only  demonstrate with CBD/CBG/CBC products if THC products are not allowed) - how to work with your body's hormones to lose that mid-section spread.

^Cannabis spirited games & exercises (to burn sugar/stored glycogen in your muscles) are shown and suggestions of how (many ways) to use cannabis to "FAST" during exercise. (MOST of these exercises can be and are meant to be done in the bed or on the floor, with mat, in any room.)
Edibles and vaping are suggested and basics about them are shared during the weekend retreat. (TBA)
This weekend is all about having an experience with cannabis that is comfortable enough for YOU to try it AGAIN -
because you feel lighter {physically/perceptually} and have lost the weight of worry! {mentally/emotionally}

Food & beverages will be available. I guarantee you these "munchie" meals and beverages will be delightful.
Not cannabis laced.
The edibles I share with you are "strategic" and timed.
Your "real food" is just that... food. Regular food, yummy food. Cannabis is considered "medical" at our retreats and is NOT laced in meals. 

^Support for your wellness and healing will be through the caring presence of your Host of the Sugar Burner Retreat - Minky, The Cannabinated Fitness Nurse & a Health Rituals Practitioner with over 41 adult years of actual hands-on experience in the fitness/health education/nursing industries.

The goal of the retreat is for each guest to find a new Healthy Smelthy Ritual in each of the 3 categories: 
1. Kinesis 2. Cannabis 3. Edibis
(Don't worry we have plenty of rituals for you to choose from.)
AND to practice the first one at the retreat. FUN, FUN, FUN! 
More to come...

Interested in being a Host? E-mail me:

Minky at KineCannEdiFast.club
With "Retreat Interest" in the subject line.
Only available in New Jersey, sorry.