KineCannEdi Fast Club
[Kinny-Can-Eddy] Fast Club

#1 Rule of KineCannEdi Fast Club - Don't tell any one you're fasting.

Kinesis. Cannabis. Edibis.

A discreet fasting club for women 45-55, (former athletes, former models, former knock outs, first wives), who started gaining abdominal weight after 45 because of hormone and life changes.

Now, after trying more things than you can count, are you're ready to try something really different?

You'd be your own experiment! It'll be a blast and you will feel much more relaxed, be happier and look more toned. 

What about it being less stressful and lasts for your life? Would you want to know more about mentoring and retreats and joining our club??

At Kine-Cann-Edi Fast club we only add new rituals/habits. You are not encouraged to "break" old habits. We find that once you find YOUR sweet spot with Kinesis, Cannabis, and Edibis the unwanted habit(s) goes away. (POOF! gone)

That happens naturally during the mentoring. One day you realize, "Hey I didn't have a drink over the weekend" OR you're falling asleep by 10:30PM instead of 1:30AM and waking up feeling more refreshed from a deeper sleep.

Are you worried about your waist and diabetes? You do not have to be obese to get diabetes! Just 10-20Lbs extra is all you need to start the snowball.

At KCE Fast Club we hate it when you fight your own body.  'Cause you'll lose every time. We want you to win and work with your own body's hormones and keep that waist flat.

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The FULL Munchie Effect...

This is what we mentor you on and base our progress on. You experience the "FULL Munchie" and then you fast. Guidance is given to members at NO COST.

Here are some comments from early club members who were mentored by Minky, NJCN, a Waist 2 Height Diva, a Health Rituals Practitioner, Cannabinated Fitness Nurse, and club Founder: 

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This club started out for women ages 45-55, who have been exercising and dieting most of their life. You know there's nothing a 28 y.o. can tell you about your body.

I'm contemplating adding men. Only because I know they have a hard time with their mid sections early on.


Do you have a Healthy Smelthy Ritual** or want to develop one to lose and maintain your weight. We like to call
"Weight Homeostasis".

As you already know, weight gain is a hormonal problem, not a diet & exercise one. During this peri-menopausal period, your hormones are playing with you.

But you're not playing.

Well, let's hope some of our club suggestions can make the most difficult time to lose weight, more comfortable and simpler for you.

We will not have a social media presence.

You are not allowed to post on SM about this club. More about this later!

Old school only. Phone, text, email and face to face meetings, exercise training (personal, group) and retreats.

This club's mentoring is unorthodox to some and only a small number of women will be allowed into this club.

This is your "fad". It works only for you.

If you are truly interested please email me and I will respond with website and club updates and tell you our next few steps. Thank you for being interesting.

More PICS coming soon!

**Healthy Smelthy Ritual example is eating bacon daily, deep knee bends, cod liver oil,  1/2 joint, cold showers, nightly shot of whiskey, etc.
not typical, nor the same ol' recommendations from "the experts".
Maybe your 90 y.o., never sick, nana told you about them?

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Minky at KineCannEdiFast dot CLUB