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I discreetly make conservative cannabis suggestions to Club members** For example: micro-dosing and "strategic edibles" for a desired outcome. Your choice is purely volitional. It (this lifestyle) may not be for you.

Kinesis. Cannabis. Edibis.

KineCannEdi Fast Club**
[Kinny-Can-Eddy] Fast Club

Are you on the inside a:
Curious, Conservative, Cannabis Virgin? (Cannabis Sinner?)

How about a:
Former Athlete, Former Knockout, First Wife, Diet & Exercise Ringer,
Weekend Workout Warrior, Active Retiree?
{BTW-I'm ALL of these and a medical cannabis patient.
That's how I discovered this side-effect of weight loss, by accident}

Let's cut to the chase - You don't want a shortened life span... do you?
My mother lost 20 years off her life. She dropped dead… on a treadmill.

Hi, my name is Minky. I call myself THE Canna-Fit-Nurse   (CFN)

She was my best friend. She was "thin on the outside". She had Type 2 Diabetes on the inside.
Please don't lose your best friend because of
hormonal (insulin, cortisol, ghrelin) waist gain.
Does exercise kill? Maybe. Likely because her heart disease risk was up 50%
Rest assured… My discreet club offers
The 420 Second Workout/exercise classes & Sugar-Burner Retreats
that are all about:

Your Comfort Level & Harm Reduction first, exercise second.
This makes waist reduction sooo much easier. 
Sign up above with your first name & best email to join 

Quiet Confidence is our #1 success hack!


#1 Rule of KineCannEdi Fast Club:
-Don't tell any one you're not eating.
#2 Rule:

-Respect ALL new Lifestyle Rituals are unique experiences.
(weight, fat content, activity level, amount & how strain is used are just a few variables that effect YOUR experience with cannabis)

20yearincrements1 (2).png

KNOW your NO's when it comes to counting:

  • NO counting calories

  • NO counting reps

  • NO counting carbs

  • NO counting steps

  • NO counting hours

  • NO counting sheep

  • NO counting miles

  • NO counting drinks

  • NO counting the "GUILT/SHAME" lies you tell folks about your weight/health

NO COUNTING anything. Unless you just like to count shit when you don't have to. You just need to know what time it is. Timing is everything from now on for you and living this lifestyle becomes an EXHALE!

A discreet, conservative fasting club for mid-aged cannabis virgins, (Again - former athletes, former models, former knock outs, first wives), who started gaining abdominal weight after 45 because of hormone (insulin) and life changes.

Now, after trying more things than you can count, are you ready to try something really different? I mean really different.

Can you wrap your mind around this headline:

"Medical Cannabis - The Next Diabetes Drug?!"

"The most important finding is that current users of cannabis appear to have better carbohydrate metabolism than non users. They had lower fasting insulin levels and were LESS resistant to their own insulin"^

You'd be your own experiment! You should know your body by now. You can lose the weight. It's keeping it off that you're probably struggling with. Insulin is involved with that problem too.

My mom kept gaining weight even if her calories were low.
She didn't know her body like you know yours.
She NEVER dieted before. NOR exercised. Cardiac rehab was her first time exercising.


By joining the KCE Fast club, you'll have a blast and you will feel much more relaxed, be happier and assist your body to lose weight. 

What about it being less stressful and lasts for your life? Would you want to know more about exercise classes and Sugar-Burner Retreats? So, join our club!***

At Kine-Cann-Edi Fast club we only add new rituals/habits. You are not encouraged to "break" old habits. We find that once you find YOUR sweet spot with Kinesis, Cannabis, and Edibis the unwanted habit(s) goes away. (POOF! gone)


For me it was alcohol. My waist almost melted away once I stopped drinking so much. My glass of wine was regularly a 16-ounce Solo cup with meals and then often after dinner.  (Today, I have a glass of wine weekly, now and then, and I won't even finish the glass!) Alcohol is a big NO NO, when is come to waist reduction and management.

That happens naturally during the mentoring. One day you realize, "Hey I didn't have a drink over the weekend" {harm reduction example} OR you're starting to smoke hemp cigarettes instead of nicotine OR you're falling asleep by 10:30PM instead of 1:30AM and waking up feeling more refreshed from a deeper sleep. (absolutely needed for a no-fuss attainable and sustainable weight loss)

Are you worried about your waist and PRE-diabetes? You do not have to be obese to get diabetes! Just 10-20Lbs. extra is all you need to start the snowball.

At KCE Fast Club we hate it when you fight your own body.  'Cause you'll lose every time. We want you to win and work within your limits {comfort example} and with own body's hormones to get and keep that waist flat. (possibly a 2-pack/ CannaBlissAbs ? why not?) 

***Joining The Kinesis Cannabis Edibis club means to sign up for e-announcements via e-mail and/or text.
Membership is complimentary for now. This will change.
With weekly e-mail we share food & timing tips and announcements of cannabis-enhanced waist-reducing events, etc.

I answer all emails (within 24 hours) I also will continue to share promising information on how cannabis can possibly become a "diabetes NEVER" natural drug.
One membership advantage: Free/$15.00 MAX fee for exercise mentoring classes for members. ($50.00/per class value) These are internet small group mentoring classes, access only classes. NO FB groups, etc.  You MUST be a member to participate in any mentoring class or event. Link(s) TBA


KCEclub latest1.png

The FULL Munchie Effect...

This is what we mentor you on and base your progress on. You experience the "FULL Munchie" and then you fast. Guidance is given to members at NO COST.

Researchers found in a 2013 study that regular, monthly cannabis users had significantly lower levels of waist size, and high HDL (the good cholesterol marker for heart health).

Because of cannabis' association with appetite stimulation, a paradox was discovered: marijuana smokers ingest more calories than non users but have lower rates of obesity. Researchers also found (in mice), that THC & CBD cannabinoids inhibit the severity and onset of diabetes.^^

Marijuana smokers have a lower rate of the dreaded metabolic syndrome!^^^
^^Penner, EA; Buettner, H; Mittleman, MA. The impact of marijuana use on glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance among US adults. Am J Med. 2013;126(7):583-589.
^^^ weight/67234/

This club started out for women ages 45-55+, who have been exercising and dieting most of their life. You know there's nothing a 20 y.o. can tell you about your body.

I'm adding mid-age men. Only because I know they have a hard time with their mid sections early on.


Do you have a Healthy Smelthy Ritual** or want to develop one to lose and maintain your weight. We like to call
"Weight Homeostasis".

As you already know, weight gain is a hormonal problem, not a diet & exercise one. During this peri-menopausal period, your hormones are playing with you.

But you're not playing.

Well, let's hope some of our club suggestions can make the most difficult time to lose weight, more comfortable and simpler for you.

We will have a limited social media presence.

Old school connecting mostly. Club members communicate by phone, text, email some face to face meetings for exercise training, muscle strength building tips (personal, group) and retreats. Some Private sessions may be over the internet.

This club's mentoring is unorthodox to some and only a small number of people will be allowed into this club.

This is your "fad". It works only for you.

If you are truly interested please email me and I will respond with website and club updates and tell you our next few steps. Thank you for being interesting.

More PICS coming soon!

**Healthy Smelthy Ritual example is eating bacon daily, deep knee bends, cod liver oil,  1/2 joint, cold showers, nightly shot of whiskey, etc.
not typical, nor the same ol' recommendations from "the experts".
Maybe your 90 y.o., never sick, nana told you about them?  

Minky at KineCannEdiFast dot CLUB

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